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how cool is that?Doshite first place as always,as it should be!

Celebrities Xposed

see and believe it,the actress from Sex and the city herself!
Pamela Anderson
Her statement: "In my mind i look way better. I don't even check the mirror when i go outside."
Victoria Beckham
So what she has her own cosmetics line. Must she try them too?

Sharon Stone

Cameron Diaz (Pitzi e rastignita cu ochii in mormant)

Remember Anahi from RBD?

Julia Roberts-"Pretty woman" indeed

she once was one of my fav


"I'm not FAT, ok?! It's just that the cameraman is too close sho shoo "

For those who want to see more of these xposed celebrities click here

Look at our jaebun,he's smeexy even without any make-up or fancy clothes.That's pure beauty!

And here's some extra for my HG's because u've been good girls kity has some goodies for you ^_^

B4 i go here's a site where u can find out your japanese name
The sexiest driver ever chunnie bun check it out
And the best CF ever xiah kamo(duck) butt

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