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20081103 DBSK in Junior Magazine Nov 2008 Issue


[fan] Hi. I'm a chicken. Right now, I'm in front of your door; please open up ㅠㅠ I'm not wearing seasoning right now so I'm cold ;ㅂ;♥
[CM] Go to your house~~

[fan] Yeah! We can meet now right?!... I'm so happy... I want to see you soon...

[fan] You love me? Ok I'll wait for you until you come back ㅋ
[CM] ????
(refer to above picture of Jaejoong in wig)
[출처] [080927] 창민이한테 UFO답장 받은 날|작성자 희동이
[fan] [Hero JaeJoong] ha... Sorry I'm a fan that only likes stuff like this... It's because I love you opang(oppa)^.~ I love you ♥
[CM] Cool!!^^ It has feeling^^ the photo^^

[fan] Since (you) 5 have always been one, please be with Cassiopeia till the end ^^ It's a promise ♥
[JJ] Because the five of us are always one^^

[fan] ChangMin-obha (oppa) do you like 800,000 bowls of rice more, or the 800,000 members of Cass more?
[JJ] That.. seems like ChangMin will think about that a bit.. but.. I choose Cass~ ㅎㅎ

[fan] Are you eating well?? Are you taking good care of yourself?? Are you sleeping well?? I'm worried/distressed because I can't do anything (for you) ㅠ
[JJ] Just listening to our music and cheering for us... I'm most thankful for that. I'm happy with that

[fan] Mon.Tue.Wed.Thur.Fri.Sat.Sun I always only think about you?
[JJ] I miss you.. I want to see you ^^

[fan] If you get this right you're a genius! If Xiah JunSu starts a war what would you ca~ll it? ♥
[JJ] Sha-War.

(the joke = shower) LOL. The fans were surprised that he got the last one. XD

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SM Entertainment's CEO Lee Soo Man is known to be a cheap man, but it seems he's willing to pull out all the stops on TVXQ's / DBSK's new MV for "Wrong Number." Some pictures of the set have been released, and it has Cassiopeia buzzing. A lot of people are talking about the car and the modern hotel where the MV is supposedly filming at.

The car is the Aston Martin Vanquish which was probably brought in to vanquish the other competition. Flashy cars aren't new to KPOP MV's however as YG Entertainment had some Ferrari's and Lamborghini's in some of their Jinusean and Big Bang videos.

The hotel is the M Boutique Hotel. It supposedly took over four years to build. Outside doesn't look like much (there's some lights that change colors), but inside is where it's at. The inside of the hotel looks very modern and has a very nice decor, evidenced by the pictures below.

With people buzzing over some leaked pictures there's high expectations for this MV, will TVXQ deliver? Does it really matter? Cassiopeia will eat up anything TVXQ releases, even... nevermind, I won't go there.

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WELL...what can i say..this looks..expensive xDD

i love the message on the building^^

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20081102 “You’re My Flower Lady” Fan Meeting

ROFL LMAO chunnie looks like a anjumma here^^

2009 November Lotte Pictures

this one is curently my desktop

haha just some random piccies i found on the internet that craked me up^^


otoke dead___ x_X
omo there are so many pictures with jae as a woman(photoshoped) u have no idea how many!
ahhaha and this one is pretty good..we must admit jae would look good as a woman too^^
this chunnie is chase's. i told u the girl has talent ^^
full credits to chase!! u go girl*thumbs up!

aha! busted! whats that ur drinking?soju maybe?
some yestyle new arrivals
man i love this site! http://www.yesstyle.com/en/index.aspx
i love korean fashion!



The Korean sauna towel hat

Im sure u all remember the famous sauna towel-hats from "Happy togheter"(korean show) right?

"As I type this post, Liz and Orchid are in the skies and halfway to Seoul from Kuala Lumpur. I will be joining them tomorrow. [whoa how cool is that these girls are going on a trip to seoul,aish so jelous of u girls!!!but who knows...remember lelis posted in her last article something about a surprise we have but we can't reveal yet?hehehe i can't wait!]

So today is preparation day and, passports and important travel items aside, I've been practicing folding the sauna towel hat made famous by the 2005 hallyu drama, My Lovely Kim Sam-soon."

How to fold the Lamb Towel/Potato Towel/Princess Leia Towel.

Step 1: Lay the towel flat.

Step 2: Fold the towel into thirds lengthwise

Step 3: Roll the ends like you would roll the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt

Step 4: Roll ends until middle width fits the diameter of your head.

This diameter fits a very small head...

...a perfect fit for the grouchy family pet who wishes
Rooster would stop using her as a test subject
haha kawaii ^_^

full credits k-popped!! [i cracked up at the last photo buhahahah,priceless!]
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