Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses are different in different parts of India. The traditional bridal dress in northern India is salwaar kameez, while in western it is lahenga choli and in eastern and southern, it is saree in diverse styles.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses, Indian WeddingIndian wedding dresses are quite different from Western style wedding attire. The Indian wedding dresses used to be in bright red color and embellished with gorgeous needlework. However, nowadays the Indian bridal dresses have come in unimaginable varieties and custom made designs and cuts. Gorgeous and colorful are the two words that could be ascribed to a traditional Indian wedding outfit. Indian brides sparkle and shine on her special day and this expectation is totally credited to the bright outfit, excellent make up, perfect accessories, unique jewellery and so on. The Indian Wedding Dresses are brightly colored and intricately embroidered ensembles.

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are usually red, as white is considered to be a color of grief in many regions. Red is the traditional color of Indian brides and is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the soon-to-be couple. There are many types of Indian Wedding Dresses. There is such an incredible amount of cultural and religious variety in the Indian sub-continent that the exact style of Indian wedding dresses varies from region to region. However, some common styles include the sari, gaghra choli and shalwar chameez.

A sari is a length of cloth that is wrapped around the body in an intricate pattern. The sari may be tightened by pins or simply tucked in the waistband, with the remaining part falling over the shoulder. The length of cloth, which remains after the sari has been wrapped, is called the pallu.

A gaghra choli usually consists of a very long skirt and short blouse. A lengthy scarf with rich embellishments is called a dupatta is draped across the chest. A Salwar kameez is a long tunic kind of dress over pants, also with a dupatta draped across the chest. All these dresses are made bright and colorful with embellishments and embroideries. Depending on the bride`s preference, the dupatta can also be worn around the neck, over the head or just pinned to one shoulder on the side.

One thing that all the traditional Indian wedding dresses have in similarity is elaborate and intricate embroidery. Indian wedding outfits are a masterful combination of patterns, sequences, beadwork, sequins and threading. Depending on the budget, an Indian bride may have selected parts of her outfit marked with pure gold or silver wire. The fabrics for Indian wedding dresses are usually silk, satin, chiffon and any other fabric that has sheen and reflects light.

In addition to the wedding dress, there are some elements of wedding wear that are crucial to an Indian bride. These accessories are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and hair ornaments, all worn together on this special day. This type of immense ornamentation is a traditional part of the wedding collection. Although trendier designs are now coming into fashion, the traditional pieces have not lost its color. Additional accessories include shoes, handbag and flower garlands to be placed around the neck.

Red is still one of the favorite colors for Indian wedding dresses. Since this color has religious and cultural significance, this choice is likely to stay in use for the foreseeable future. However, newer and softer shades of red like rust, peach, pink, magenta, maroon are slowly but surely making their way into the Indian bridal lexicon. Also, designers are coming up with a greater collection of Indian wedding dresses and jewelry with more intricate designs.

Bridal accessories constitute an important factor for the bride in that special evening. Proper accessories along with the gorgeous outfit and jewellery give a dazzling effect to the appearance of the bride. It is very important to select the right kind of bridal accessory for the right kind cloth and for the right kind of occasion. Similarly when going for shopping for the bride, it should kept in mind, which accessories would go properly with them.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses, Indian WeddingIndian wedding is an auspicious occasion when the outfits of the bride are given special attention. The bridal lahengas are one of the prime attires of the bride and demands keen attention. Careful planning and right choice of the lahenga can avoid unwanted situations like unsuitable color, broken embellishments, misfit and other errors. Since, marriage is possibly the most special day of her life.

Sarees were very much in fashion in a traditional Indian wedding. In today`s wedding ceremonies woman prefers to wear bridal sarees in various styles. Fashion designers advanced with new ways to drape wedding sarees, which have become quite popular among today`s women. Saris always had a luxurious and graceful look at the same time. The wedding sari or Bridal sari is given a lot of significance in India. Indian Saris come in different fabrics ranging from cotton to silk, from georgettes to crapes, from traditional like Banarasi to Kanjeevaram or a silk.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses are believed to be the most glamorous and most colorful wedding dresses in the entire globe. The red dresses are traditional for the Indian However, since taste is changing over time; nowadays many brides like to consider different pastel colors for their wedding. The wedding dresses worn by Indians are very different from those of the western styles of wedding dress. The traditional Indian weddings dresses are awesome pieces with embroidery and embellishment work like zari, organza, zardosy, sequins, cut work, mirror work, pearl work, kasab, kundan work etc. More than just a gorgeous outfit, the Indian wedding dresses hold a lot of prominence in the Indian tradition.

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