Get Thicker Eyelashes by Applying Mascara Perfectly

apply mascara

Mascara, does magic for lashes as long as it is applied correctly. It should be applied in such a way that there are no drops of the stuff clinging to the eye lashes, and each strand is separated from each other.

* Clean the eyes and eyelashes properly.
* Turn mascara wand in tube few times, open and close it to get an even coat on brush.
* Always apply mascara AFTER applying eye shadow and eyeliner.
* Put mascara on eyelashes slowly and perfectly.
* Apply mascara to base of the lashes with mascara wand.
* Apply mascara from beneath upper lashes and above lower lashes.
* Carefully brush the mascara to ends of the lashes with use of lash comb.
* Do not blink eye while putting mascara.

eyes with mascara

Sometimes, second coat of mascara makes lashes look thicker and better. But if you think of having second coat, its better to put when first coat dries. Also, use lash curlers before putting on mascara, not after. Lash curlers work more effectively, if preheated. Be careful not to heat your curlers too much.