Tip of the Day:

Not everyone is blessed with glowing, clear skin.  It’s true.  What you can do though is make your best efforts to take care of the skin you have.  If you work with it, it shall work with you.  Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is key of course, making sure to wash your face before bed and in the morning when you wake…ALWAYS!  Applying any sort of face makeup, liquid in particularly is best to do immediately after moisturizing.  The result will keep your complexion looking smooth and fresh. I try my best not to use face makeup for everyday.  However, when I do, my top choice is Dior- Capture Totale Foundation FPS 15 (With its unique blend of antiaging ingredients alpha longoza, and centuline, optical correctors, and HD liquid crystal pigments) and for everyday use DiorSkin Airflash (Spray Foundation).  Before applying foundation or spray, I use Dior concealer for dark circles or pimples.