~ Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th Album Showcase on September 21 ~

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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th Album Showcase on September 21

September 11, 2008

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki is back for their first public 4th album showcase on September 21. In front of the Seoul City Hall Plaza, they will take their first stage in performing the title song. This showcase concert will also air in early October on the SBS ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki Comeback Special’ that will broadcast.

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki’s next album since their 3rd album a year and seven months ago, with their showcase on the 21st and promotion activities starting September 28 on SBS ‘Inkigayo.’

21st instead of 23rd for the TITTLE song!!

[ Please God make me a bird,a plane,a lost suitcase in a plane heading to South Korea,a Superman,ANYTHING that might take me to Seoul...I wanna be there too!!!!Aish this will be aired on SBS, you know what that means...get ur Tvants while u can:)) aigooo i must install mine AGAIN! *sights ]

Remember the pics i posted from the Lotte Duty Free Shop Pamplet?

They are replacing Mr. Rain[ooops,sorry Bi]

It's HARSH but Rain is busy for his 2nd HOLLYWOOD movie ........ so, we won't see much of him in KOREA a while...

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