JaeChun performing ^^

hiihih i love what they're wearing,especially that almost-pink thing Xiah is wearing it's the sweetest thing i've ever seen!

Jae giving it all

Jae's smeexiness

Aw just look at the way he is holding his little finger..so concentrated hehe relax Jae ur awesome!

haha it's THE LITTLE FINGER again..he is holding it like a british man drinking his tea^^ kawaii desu ^^

Ok everybody i want all of u to meet JiEun Erin Kim,she's a korean girl living in the USA and she will be our co-author.She's going to translate all the korean news we'll find about DBSK from now on.Im sure u'll love her as she is a very sociable person and she has a very interesting story about her dbsk love.She was also lucky enough to meet them face to face in the US 4 years ago and even got an autograph from Xiah and JaeJoong ^^ lucky her ne?So let's give her a warm WELCOME TO THE HG!
she is the one in the left corner of the photo^^pretty neh?Please look forward for her translations.

B4 I GO...

Winter is almost here...we should all take care of our health more than ever! Consume as much possible vitamin C and citrus..don't forget: AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY!