~ Cassies be strong ! ~

Happy B-day Chunnie ah~

saranghae! v

credit for the pics:As tagged(sorry i cant remember where i got it from,if its ur creation hit me up) ^^

here it is...

enjoy:( i think i'm gonna go cry a little by myself:(
man i'm down
let the cassies scream:((
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090503 Heaven's Postman preview - the 'kissing'

make sure u hit the HQ button so the dying effect is at its max *winks!

[AUD] Heaven's Postman OST (2m50s preview) [+DL Link]

r they trying to kill us with these audio prevs? i want the damn movie!!! and i want it NAO!

ok next vid
hmm let's see...we have a french dbsk fan in a korean show learning korean and i m not sure what exactly he is trying to do in the video..seems like he has a mission or somethin' hm not sure though...his korean is VERY good! and i hate him for that xD hehe kiddin'...well not really:))
obviously he is a jj fan....some say he is a Yunjae fan but i dunno...anything is possible...

090602 a TVXQ fan learning Korean 동방신기 때문에 한국에 왔다는 프랑스인

mmmkay what else is there??
let's see..oh yeah..the NEW MOON trailer is out
for those who dont have a clue what im talking about..its the second movie after twilight!
comming this autumn!
is it autumn yet?!

EXCLUSIVE - New Moon Official Trailer

i've seen it a million times allready

mmm thats about all...
long story short..sorry for the late posts....we are very busy with exams
i am having my finals.one down 4 to go wish me luck
currently watching mm nothing?
Oh i watched MTV movie awards yesterday ROfl the eminem&bruno stuff was so epic hahaha
yeah u heard me..i finished watching all the dramas and i feel soo sad:(
i am watching some shows on YT like haptic mission
snsd horror movie house
anything with ss501 hehehe
oh i saw yesterday 3rd asia tour mirotic
and waiting for HQ of TSC tour^^
counting the days until the release of:

New season of Gossip Girl
Full House 2(always checking mysoju.com)
True blood(vampires vampires vampires)
New Moon !!!
new episodes of we got married

oh yeah! and before i leave...
i saw this post on a blog i dont wanna give names...
and this post was "implying" that ricky(yoochun's lil' brother) would be...gay?
and his partner would be...this guy from the pic below..
well let me tell u that its bull****
he is sooo str8 and he has a gf and everybody knows it
so please...stop making afirmations like that...because other people started blogging the same shiet and its crap..really
stop bashing if u dont know what ur talking abt

i know the pic is not helping very much my statement..but the thing is..as most of u know..the friendship relationships between men in korea are so much different that others and u know that..
they are different! they are better they are warmer ok?
not gay!
thank you!
that goes to Yunjae fans too!!!!!!!
I've been meaning to say this a long time ago..I am not a Yunjae fan never was never will be!

Cheers, kity! ^^V~