Secret Ramen recipe made by me ^_^

I'm gonna share with u my ultima ultra secret ramen noodle-soup recipe

i just invented it and its GOOD!

whats so special about my recipe? well..its the unusual "secret" ingredient:)) LOL


yeah u heard me..i'm talking abt pure feta cheese:D

So as i was boiling my ramen i thought about trying something different this time...and the first thing in hand was cheese so i thought..what the hell...let's go with it^^

check out my cheese & ramen noodle-soup recipe:


we need a packet of ramen,


soy oil(but in most cases u find it in the ramen packet,condiments also)

and some people add eggs too,but if ur not into it...just don't

I'm not gonna go deeper into the whole process of cooking u allready know how to.
ah speaking of...
how do u cook the ramen?
first the base then add the ramen or viceversa?
i do the base first then add the ramen
let me know,i'm curious

the big secret is how to mix the cheese with the ramen soup.

It's simple, just boil the soup and serve it as hot as u can stand it and mix it with chilled feta cheese.But dont just throw the cheese in the bowl of soup..just take a bite from the chilled cheese(from the refrigerator) then eat a little ramen with hot soup.


let me make it easier....Chilled cheese,HOT ramen soup!

mashita!! its delicious just try it and please let me know if u liked it..i'm seriously starting to question my sanity:)))

hit me up and tell me if u loved it or hated it.

all credits go to kity's inventivity