Astrological Predictions for 2011

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Do you know your sign? In case not, Here are the list of signs and dates.

Characteristics of the Signs

In addition to the individual characteristics listed on these pages, the signs of the zodiac are classified in three other ways. Each is either positive "masculine",(spontaneous and self-expressive) or negative "feminine" (withdrawn and passive).; each is assigned one of the four principle elements of fire (Fire is lively and aggressive), air (Air is lively in mind and fluent in expression), earth (Earth is matter-of-fact and controlled), and water (Water is sensitive and intuitive). These are known as the triplices. Fire, air, earth and water. Triplicity? there are four not three? "Triplicity" meaning triplicate or three, because there are three zodiac signs for each element. Each sign is either cardinal, fixed or mutable (the quadruplices because there are four zodiac signs to each one). The qualities of cardinal, fixed and mutable are respectively, initiative(cardinal), steadfastness(fixed), and changeableness/adaptability(mutable). Can you see a connection? steadfast is fixed and changeableness is "mutable"? Most all things in astrology form "logical" connections.

Here are the signs. Brief knowledge and prediction for 2011