Colourful MAC Lipsticks

I shall start off by saying these lipsticks are what made MAC the famous, innovative and creative make up brand that they are today. This is where it all started!

The majority of my lipsticks come from MAC, and I love each and every one. I do believe that the first MAC lipstick I tried was 3 years ago, and I received it through the Back 2 MAC programme. The shade was Hug Me, which is a really pretty nude brownish pink. I find that this shade is a little bit too dark for me these days, but with certain looks it can look gorgeous.

Since then I have purchased over 20 MAC lipsticks, ranging from bright Barbie pinks, neutral nudes and peaches and classic pin-up reds.
Sample Of MAC Lipstick
Colourful MAC Lipsticks

Sample of MAC Lipstick

Different MAC Lipstick Colours

MAC Lipstick Set

MAC Style Warrior
MAC Lipstick