Kate Gosselin Hairstyle

How to Have a Kate Gosselin Hairstyle??
Cut the front of your Kate Gosselin hairstyle into a chunky bob. Keep in mind that one side (the left) is cut quite a bit shorter than the other. Both sides have the "bob" style cut, which frames the face.

The bob style should reach to the halfway point on each side of the scalp.

Cut the back into a punk style cut. Start at the crown, which is the place all of your hair comes together. Short spiky hair adds to the ease of the Kate Gosselin hairstyle. Gel it, spike it, and go.

Leave the back short, yet long enough to lay down without styling. On the days you don't feel like getting fixed up, brush it down and go. The idea is for this simple haircut to be smart, sassy and trendy whether styled or not.