Mac Nail Polish

My job requires frequent hand-washing, so I often have natural --unpainted-- fingernails, but I can't stand going without polish on my toenails. My feet just feel so naked! MAC Nail Polish is one of the nail lacquers that I prefer to use.

This nail product is packaged in a .47 oz. glass bottle that has a black lid. Prior to use I shake the bottle, allowing the color to blend well. It is my experience that the lid/brush is easy to screw open. This is not a product that you purchase based on fragrance, because one could say they all nail polishes stink. But I will mention that this polish, although not pleasant smelling, doesn't smell up the whole room while using it. The nail polish is easy to apply; it goes on smooth, even and with consistent color. It drys reasonably quick and does fine with layering. Although one coat is usually adequate, for darker and vivid colors, I like to apply two
Red-Coloured MAC Nail Paint

All different MAC Nail Polish

Sample Of Purple MAC Nail Polish

Sample Of MAC Nail Polish

MAC Nail Lacquer