no shopping till 2010 challenge

This year I spent too much money on clothes, shoes and accessories.
So I decide to go on a "shopping diet". Anybody with me?
But there is only one problem. 26.11.09 I'm going to Paris... I have to buy sth there. So I decided that I'll buy this year only max 3 things in Paris. And that's it for this year.

Then I'll have a loooot of money because I'll save some money. And I will spend it on sales in January.

In January I'll go in Palmanova Outlet Village in Italy to buy:
- some basics in CK

I'll order some Ugg cardy boots.
I'll order bilion things on Asos..

Oh and I need one classic heels from Miss60.

Everything sounds so good that maybe I will be able to stop shopping for one and a half month :)

Wish me luck! :)