Anna- Beauty Potraits pictures


1st look: Minimal, fresh and natural. Anna has naturally good skin, so I used only a bit of liquid foundation- Clinique Superfit and set it with a mineral veil loose powder.


2nd look:

Shimmery brown and taupe shades on her eyes, natural pink-nude blush, nude lips and black liquid eyeliner give her a more sophisticated look.



3rd look:

Emo doll. Very dramatic faux eyelashes and eyeliner, lots of bright pink blush, a Barbie pink lip gloss completes the look.



Photography by Chester Tan.

I love CHI Silk Infusion and Jose Eber curling iron. Together they create the most luscious and bouncy curls.

Some behind-the-scenes photos:

SAM_00 copy

I had to cut Anna's fringe as it was too long and was covering her eyes..

SAM_0852s copy
Dont worry I am a makeup artist, and have no experience cutting hair whatsoever...but I am sure its going to be just fine.

You can see the fear in Anna's eyes. Haha.

SAM_0853s copy


It turned out okay! Its funny how I can cut other people's fringe but I cant cut my own. Meh.