Chris Hemsworth -- the thunder god cometh, 2011!

The Mighty Thor was my favorite comic when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, so 'tis with baited breath that I await his reincarnation as a Big Screen hero -- but wait!

There's evidence to suggest that he'll re reincarnated on May 20, 2011 in 3D!! The short version of this story is that a fan snapped a photo on the LA set of the movie, where Kenneth Branagh is directing Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and a stellar cast ... and there in the snapshot is a 3D camera rig!

(See the whole story here:

So some fantastic things come out of this: it's a monster movie ... it's more than likely going to be in 3D (yippee!) and it has some fantabulous actors, and a Shakespearean director...

But what about the star? What face are they putting on the thunder god himself?

Does anyone here remember me posting about this over a year ago? Click here for the original post ... and at that point we were wondering who was going to be Thor, and I remember mooting Brad Pit with the Achilles look.

I must be psychic.

They couldn't get Brad, but by golly, they got themselves a lad that's got something of the lookalike about him ... a lad by the name of Chris Hemsworth, who's a very new face to the movie screen. I saw him fleetingly as Jim Kirk's father in Star Trek ...

And here's the rub, boys and girls: Chris Hemsworth is another Aussie lad! Add his name to the list including Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe (and yes, I know he was born in New Zealand, but he became an Aussie a short time ago), Eric Banna, Sam Worthington ...! "Aussies Take Hollywood By Storm," I believe is the term.

Here's a bit more about Chris Hemsworth ...