Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss

I am a huge fan of the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses. I think they are really high quality (especially for only $6) and come in really smooth, beautiful colors. Today I picked up one of their new colors - Coral Reef. I love coral colored lips but the main reason I picked it up is because it looked like a dupe for one of my favorite lip glosses.... and that color is Bambi from Buxom Lips. Why pick up a dupe for a color I already love and adore? I'm not a huge fan of the menthol taste/feel the Buxom lips gives. Buxom glosses are almost a perfect 10 to me except for the flavor/feel. So, I'm excited to say that the Revlon Coral Reef is a really match. Not perfect but pretty darn good. It has a little more orange in it but not much. It's a very smooth, pigmented, glossy color and so beyond worth the $6!

It comes with a doe foot applicator

TOP COLOR- Buxom Lips "Bambi" and BOTTOM COLOR- Revlon Coral Reef

Revlon Coral Reef

Buxom Lips Bambi