Fall 2010: Clinique Bigger, Brighter Eyes in an Instant Collection

Clinique recently launched its eye makeup collection for Fall 2010, known as Clinique Bigger, Brighter Eyes in an Instant Makeup Collection, which is their marketing strategy for their latest line-up of products. Fan of Clinique products are going to love this new collection. Promo pics are lovely as always, so have a look on them below and also on complete collection and see what it contains.

Clinique fall collection

Clinique six piece strong range collection is designed to help lighten and whiten the eyes area as well as accentuate them and lengthen lashes. Exciting parts of Clinique Instant collection is its new mascara which is known as Limited Edition High Impact Mascara. For instant lift of brows, Clinique has included a brow pencil, as brand knowns the importance of having groomed brows as well as stylish eyes.

Clinique fall 2010 eye collection

In this collection one can also find four new shades of Quickliner for eyes (Black, Plum, Chocolate and Coffee) each one is named as Intense. Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Color are available in six shades – Guava Good, Pear-Fection, Running Latte, Strawberry Bliss, Pome-Greatness and Blackberry Nirvana. In Clinique eye makeup collection one would see new shades in Quick Eyes Cream Shadow Collection which settle well on the eye, and dry without creasing, most appealing shade out of it is Sparkling Nude and Truffle.

Clinique eye collection

Clinique Bigger, Brighter Eyes collection launch date has been settled for August 2010. So, if you want to have something from this collection, then make up your mind fast, as this collection will be available in a Limited Edition.