Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Tried & Tested: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Clinique introduced their new High Impact Curling Mascara on the 1st of February and I had the privilege of testing out the product. The mascara uses thermal technology which provides a smooth, thin film that when dry , holds the curl in place. It also uses a new brush applicator which is curved and specifically designed to curl the lashes. I love innovative products so was definitely excited about trying it out.

Initially I was a bit sceptical as the brush was quite thin and I am a regular user of the massive, chunky mascara brushes which produce a lot of volume. The first time I used the mascara I did as the instructions told me which was to scoop lashes in the curve of the brush before flipping the brush over and using that side to hold the curl in place for a few seconds. However the next day I tried it a different way and I much preferred it- instead of scooping lashes in the curve I flipped the brush over and coated my lashes this way which meant that my lashes were coated and curled at the same time.

Despite my reservations over the thin brush, I was really impressed by how the mascara left the lashes separated, lengthened and covered with a glossy thick black colour. It also did deliver the claim of creating a good curl. If a few coats were applied then the curling mascara could create a truly dramatic effect. I also liked how the mascara didn’t clump or smudge which is sometimes a problem with the voluminous mascaras.

My only criticism of the product would be that it does claim to be easily removable with warm water however I did need a eye make-up remover.