Sigma Brushes

SS150 Large Powder Brush

What makes a great powder brush? Soft dense fluffy fibers combined with good powder pick-up ability! All of this applies to Sigma Powder Brush. SS150 applies powder evenly and makes it appear natural and almost invisible. The brush is big and feels nice in the hand. You can also use it to apply blush.

SS190 Foundation Brush

Love this brush! Even though the bristles are firm, the brush is extremely soft and mild to your skin! It has a tapered shape, is thick but flat and is perfect not only for all-over application but also to access and apply foundation on the narrow areas around nose, mouth and eyes. Applies and blends foundation (and concealer!) without streaks. You can build coverage up or blend out any lines with this brush easily.

SS187 Duo Fiber Brush

Also referred to as a stippling brush. This brush features 2 length soft bristles and has a dual application. You can use it to apply liquid foundation or blush. I use it mainly for blush. SS187 Duo Fiber Brush picks up just the right amount of blush, distributes color evenly, buffs it in and diffuses the powder blush very nicely. The result looks very natural! I tried applying illuminating powder with it but, in my opinion, it is too fluffy for this.

SS168 Large Angled Contour Brush

This brush features angled shape and soft thick bristles. It is quite fluffy and due to this and porous goat fibers, it picks up color very well. You can use SS168 for contouring your face or to apply blush. This brush easily creates the right shadow in the right place and is great not only to apply but to blend and smooth out any seams.

SS194 Concealer Brush

This brush is flat, slightly tapered and has firm bristles which is great for precise application! Bristles are mild to the skin and do not scratch or tug. SS194 makes conceler glide smoothly and is great for under eyes application. Sigma Concealer Brush is also convenient for targeted coverage of certain skin imperfections (acne, scars) and expression lines.