Men’s Fashion 2010: The New Coat And Tie

Men's Fashion 2010: The New Coat And Tie

The seasons can have a huge effect on formal men’s fashion. The heat or cold will dictate the fabric of your jacket and shirt, which in turn will affect the heft of your tie and even the size of the knot. Spring, naturally, calls for a whole other range of suits and styles to keep you stylish in the heat. Here are the essential ones that you’ll want to consider once the shops roll out their new spring collections.

Bold Neckties

Now that the sun’s out and the flowers are beginning to bloom in full color, it’s time you gave Mother Nature some competition. Ties with bold, eye-catching hues are seen as the next trend in neckwear, and it’s one that you can safely do even for your office outfits.These aren’t just your ordinary power ties. The trend calls for colors that are truly bold, bright and noisy. Think electric blue instead of just royal blue, neon lime instead of apple green. In short, take the average bold color tie and make it just a couple of notches more daring. It has to be the kind of color that will catch your attention right away, even when it’s among a sea of other colors.

Before you pick up on this trend, though, you’d better have a good grasp of the rules for mixing and matching colors. Unless you plan to use this trend solely with white shirts, prior experience with matching neckties to shirts is a must. A bold tie will work best with a simple solid suit, which will really let the colors pop.

To add even more edge to your style, you could try adding a matching and similarly bold pocket square to your ensemble. It creates cohesion in your outfit by establishing a color scheme, while at the same time giving you an extra dash of rakishness.

Deconstructed Jackets
Of all the pieces in men’s fashion, jackets and coats are easily among the most technical because of all the tailoring that they require. For most men, their suits and coats are the only tailored items in their entire wardrobe. This season, however, is the best time to buck that standard.

Deconstructed pieces do tend to make appearances for spring, but only now does their appearance seem more like a movement than a mere event. Numerous designers gave their own take to the lighter, less fussy jacket. The stylish jacket for spring is the one with softer, less defined shoulders and an airy, almost shirt-like lightness to it. It’s far from formal, but it will be on trend and spot-on comfortable for the warmer season ahead.

A soft jacket in some summer-friendly color like white or tan is the ideal purchase if you plan to buy into this new fashion trend. Darker hues like black and navy tend to absorb heat from the sun, which defeats the purpose of getting a lighter, heat-friendly jacket. The latter colors would do great for evenings out, though.

This kind of jacket tends to be somewhat wrinkly because of the fabrics used, hence its status as a less-than-formal piece. You can still wear your usual white shirts with them, but the ideal pairing is with a less formal broadcloth shirt that echoes the jacket’s laid back sensibilities. Other more casual style pieces like dark wash jeans instead of trousers and canvas kicks over leather shoes are also good outfit ideas.