Cosmatics Collections

Easy Off Color gels
Newly innovated – comparing to similar ones, better covering – middling thick (not even flowing) natural nail hardener, extremely flexible, unbelievably well-adherent, solvable color gels.
Easy Off Top Gel
A thinner variety of the great successor Easy Off nail hardener gel. It can be used on top of Easy Off Color gel as a gloss gel.
Renewed Top Shine Gel
The most popular Crystal Nails product with appreciably more non-yellowing additives and color brightener.
Top Shine Color gels
New typed non-cleansing colored top gloss in jar, which makes mixing possible.
Renewed, whiter Builder White II.
Middling thick, dazzlingly white builder gel. (For those who like to work with softer material than Xtreme White, furthermore in friendlier price).
Cover Pink CRYSTAL
A nail bed extender, which vibrates in crystal light. Good covering builder gel and acrylic powder.
New Protein Bomb, Diamond and Holoprism nail polish colors.
Trend colors of 2009, novel glitters.
New drill-polish machines and UV lamps with GREAT SURPRISE.
Varied powered and quick release drill-polish machines and different luminous powered UV lamps. In excellent price.
Cover Pink Gel in another color
For a change new shade of the popular growth-free nail bed extender gel.
Exfoliating Peeling
A skin exfoliator with avocado, that scales skin mechanically, which opens way to agents and softens skin by eliminating devitalized tissue.
Cooling Masque
A skin conditioner and refresher masque with papaya, which can also cooling skin by its spearmint content.