Cruisin' the web

As you cruise around the web, surfing from link to link and touching down for a few minutes here, a few minutes there, you discover the most amazing stuff ... amusing, surprising, awesome, scary, inspiring. And you promptly forget where you saw it. A few days ago I got The Idea.

Gather all this amazing stuff into one repository ... post it and index it, so you know where to find it again -- and share it. I can't call this a "mission statement," because this is going to be way too much fun, and this blog is something I'm going to enjoy from the word "Go!"

The word has been spoken, and we're starting today -- January 23rd down here in Australia. The only question is, where to begin?! There's such an embarrassment of riches, I hardly know where to put a toe in the water. So why don't we just jump in at the deep end? Here goes!