Just what the Doctor ordered. So, where's Jack?!

You might or might not know that David Tennant ... the Doctor himself! ... looks just as good in high heels, skirts and lipstick as he does in a kilt. If all this is news to you, well -- scroll down and get your sense of humor online at the same time:

...oh, the kilt remark? I was joking, wasn't I? Well ... no, actually. Here you go:

Now, there's elegance. Style. Am I right, though, is that Cameron tartan? I don't don't a hell of a lot about the tartans so if there's somebody out there who knows, tell me! (You'll also have seen Captain Jack Harkness in a kilt, and -- how about Tom Baker, the Doctor from the late 1970s? He also looks a treat in a kilt ... and I've got the pictures to prove it.)