Will Smith and Barack Obama: DC fantasy, with (or without!) the loincloth...

There's a movie you know HAS to be made. It just has to be, since the world in general and the USA in particular made history a few weeks ago.

I'm not having you on, this is not a wind up (nor is it a drill); have a read of this:

Will Smith Ready To Play The Part Of Barack Obama

LONDON, Eng., Jan.23 (TOTI) -- Now that Barack Obama has officially taken Presidential office, it comes as no surprise that there's talk of a Barack Obama movie. Leading man, William Smith, is ready to step up and play the part of the first bi-racial President of the United States.At the London premiere of his latest film, Seven Pounds, Smith said, "If I am ordered by my commander in chief to star in a film about him, I will do my duty as an American." (on Times of the Internet).

This would be cool. I guess. I supposed. I'm not quite sure. Thoughts, anyone?

And while we're here ... you probably haven't seen the pic below, so, uh, enjoy...

(Yep, the art is by Boris: copyright and so on, so forth, all rights observed, all wrongs obverted ... and yes, that IS a word -- look it up!)