Who wants to be a soccer ball when they grow up?

You've heard of wanting to be a soccer player when you grow up, but ... who'd like to be this soccer ball?!

There's a story attacked to this picture. I'm NOT going to give you the link back to the page it came from because that page is very, very explicit and a few gentle readers might not be quite ready just yet for what'll slap you in the face when you get there (!) ...

But -- the story that goes along with this picture? As you may know, in order to meet with legal requirements, all pictures on website pictures are supposed to carry ALT tags in the code, which are translated by braille systems and text to voice readers, so that blind surfers can follow content. Good idea?

Great idea. However --

The ALT tag on this one (it pops up looking like a yellow sticky note when you hover over the pic; you know the ones) reads ... I kid you not ... "Angelina Jolie." True.

Jeepers, Ange, what've you done to yourself now?! And what the hell does Brad say about this?!