Brad Pitt: sure to be the blast from OUR past

Okay ... all that talk about Brad Pitt in the previous post, and all those stills from historicals ... got me to thinking about Troy, and Brad. So, since the previous post was for your Mom, let's have a blast from the present. Brad? Brad. Give me a reason why not.

(Sound of silence reverberating on my eardrums. Therefore --)

Eye candy, right? Like, you need an excuse?!

What, you DO need an excuse?! Okay, I can be accommodating. We'll make this a brain-sharpening execrise. Here's your assigmnet.

1) polish the steam off your glasses
2) figure out which of the five pix in the above lineup is out of place there
3) write a 100 word essay explaining why
4) post it here as a comment
5) make an appointment to get your brain examined

And NO, this is not a competition, and I am NOT giving out prizes! Mind you, I could be persuaded to blather less and post more eye candy...