On the cover of the Rolling Stone --!

So, my Significant Other is listening to old-old music on new-new electronics. You've got Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show pounding out of an MP3 player attached to computer speakers, right so far? Right. An they're doing their really Big Number from about thirty years ago --

The Cover of the Rolling Stone. Remember it? And I got to thinking, "Gee-Zeus, it's hard to get on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In all their years of working, A-listers like Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman and Brendan Fraser have never made the cover yet --

But Doctor Hook did. They did it by writing an hilarious song:
The song was so damned funny, and probably did Rolling Stone a power of good (publicity like this, you cannot buy), and they met the Medicine Show halfway with the cover equivalent of the whacked-out song. Kewl. (Incidentally, the band still has a webpage. Wouldn't you know it? Doctor Hook, uh, dot-com.)

And all this got me to thinking ... so, who HAS made the cover of the Rolling Stone?

Well, for sure the mag has its favorites. Johnny Depp had been on the cover at least four times; Star Wars was on their at least six times that I know of. Brad Pitt has made the cover twice; Angelina's been on there about four times -- so far. She ain't 35 yet. Give her time.

So, just for fun I present the following for your entertainment -- enjoy! (I've uploaded thumbnails because there's s lot of them -- give 'em a CLICK for the fill-sized scan.)

This could go on all day ... time to stop and go get a cup of tea!