Top o' the A-List and loving it!

So, who's the top-paid actor in Hollywood today? Brad, or maybe George?

No surprise here: it's Will Smith, who earned more than US$80m in, uh, a short time. Here's the stats, from Sky News:

The Hancock star earned $82.4 million dollars between June 2007 and June this year - to lead the magazine's poll of rich celebrities.

Smith was followed on the Forbes list by Johnny Depp with $72 million dollars.
Smith's recent science-fiction film I Am Legend took $76.5 million in its opening weekend, recording the biggest December opening of all time.

And after the chart-topping success of Smith's current hit Hancock, he has become the first actor ever to have eight consecutive films earn more than $100 million at the box office.

(See the whole feature: Will Smith tops Hollywood's Rich list.)

Meanwhile, talks are underway for a sequel to TOP GUN ... but apparently Tom Cruise won't by at the controls. At the time of this typing, I can't say that I know why, but I'll find out and tell you what I hear!