Heath Ledger: Speak out for him someone, since his voice is silent now!

Two items hit me squarely between the eyeballs this morning, and Heath Ledger is central to both of them. The first is great ... the second is a "WFT" piece for which somebody, somewhere, has to say something -- and if it has to be me, then so be it.

Let's go to the first piece ... first. This is lovely:

HEATH Ledger's love of chess has been set in stone at a park on Perth's Swan River, where he played as a child.

Ledger's family have given the City of Melville, in Perth's southern suburbs, a polished concrete and marble sculpture in memory of the late actor, comprising two chess boards and a yin and yang symbol.

Ledger's mother Sally Bell said the family had chosen the site at Heathcote Reserve, overlooking the Swan River, because her son had cared about the environment and spent much of his youth in the Applecross area.

Ms Bell said he often walked to the park with his friends. "He truly loved it there," she said.

There's loads more to read on this story -- get the whole thing here:
Heath Ledger's memory set in stone in park along Perth's Swan River

Is that lovely, or what? Nice one. [Reaches for a kleenex]

And then, at the exact same moment, this pops up ... and it just can't be kosher:

FYI: Heath Ledger was a badass chess player.

After sodomizing Jake Gyllenhaal (so hot) and hamming it up as a psycho, mass-murdering clown (hella artsy), Heath overdosed on sleeping pills (so in right now) and bit the dust — a fucking brilliant career move. Immortalized forever as a tortured actor on the cusp of glory, the former junior chess champion joined the VIP list of early-death superstars: James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee ... and now our favorite, 28-year-old Australian man candy.

Forget that he was the most convincing clown ever, licking his caked-up lips in the freakiest of snakelike fashions (after all, making even the burliest bro piss his pants doesn’t make a man). It’s what happens after — hundreds of tribute videos from love-struck fans, thousands of Facebookers in Joker paint, millions made in box-office bills — that truly grants Ledger a rank among legends.

As for other Oscar nominees? He’s the checkmate from hell.

That's the whole, idiotic piece, in entirety! There is no more. The blogger has said her piece (I assume it's a female -- the first name is Allie):
Best Posthumous Achievement - The Dark Knight

...Say, what? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Don't know about you guys, but I find it muy offensive. This post went up at University of California, San Diego, on The Guardian online magazine.

AG was the first to comment and left this:
Am I the only one who finds this offensive ... or just the first one to find it?! Someone has to be the first ... and if there was a "report this" button, I'd be clicking it. Is this drivel supposed to be a joke? If so, it's in extremely bad taste. Doesn't anyone at The Guardian edit items before they're posted?!

If you're even half as PO'd as I am, skeedaddle over there and leave words for somebody called Allie Cuerdo: http://www.ucsdguardian.org/hiatus/best_posthumous_achievement-1.1486561 in the hopes that this sort of twaddle can be nipped in the bud.

Go on! Heath can't speak out for himself any longer, so someone's going to have to do it!

Let's have some pictures, now, to sweeten this ... because AG's Album isn't supposed to be full of aggro!