Cold steel: Iron Man and other armored legends

Last couple of days, I've been re-reading some of the NARC books (which are my favorite gay SF of all time), and I got to thinking ... woah, if there was a NARC movie. I mean, it might never happen, but if it did, a team of designers would be working for six months to visualize, blueprint, and build, the NARC armor, right? What a blast it would be ... even trying to imaging the armor from these books is a thrill. Anyway --

Anyway -- all this got me thinking about Iron Man, and other armored heroes in the movies. Green Goblin (from Spiderman), Batman, and so on. And -- do you have about four minutes to spare? Because I found this roundup of armored heroes in the movies, and around the three minute mark, there's a great sequence showing how they got Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) into the suit. This is loads of fun:

Note to self: got to watch Iron Man tonight. One of my all-time favorites. What I loved about the movie was not just the fantastic effects -- and the armor! -- but also, Tony Stark is such a real human being, you believed him completely.