Christian Bale: Open mouth, insert foot. Uh ... both feet.

You have to admit, for several minutes on the set of Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale only opened his mouth to change feet.

As tirades go, it's a doozey. In case you haven't heart it ... well, be aware you're going to hear the F word ... oooooh, a lot. Seems old CB only knows one curse word, so as well as working on his people skills, he also needs to learn how to cuss properly! One word gets ... repetitive after a wile. Anyway --

You've been forewarned, right? So here goes:

Naturally, the Internet being the Internet, it wasn't long before it was uploaded and everybody in the world had heard it. By the time I listened in (and laughed my head off) it'd already been downloaded 700,000 times. I was #700,001.

Now it gets better. Some folks are really, I mean really creative. There's this one previously unknown music producer who works under the trade name of DJ Revolucion (probably because man's real name is Lucian Piane, which sounds like a librarian in hornrimmed eyeglasse). I say previously unknown, because this guy is probably the best-known music producer in the world, 24 hours later ... after he remixed the four-minute tirade into a rap-crap dance track.

Not only that, but more people are getting more creative:

I'll tell you what, you'd get a real workout, dancing to that.

Want more? There's more. You're not going to get a workout with this one -- but after the previous clip, you're probably sweating bullets and chugging Gatorade anyway, so -- take care not to inhale the Gatorade as you listen to ...

The CHIPMUNK REMIX of Christian's tirade. Seriously. Get this:

Oh, boy.

It's not that we don't appreciate the man's skills as an actor. As an actor, he's FANTASTIC. He just needs to work on his people skills ... and his cussing skills, come to think of it.

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Update on this: Steve Martin geta a-hold of the routine, and...!