Orlando Bloom: sympathy for Australia, too

If you thought you recognized Orlando Bloom on TV downunder the other day ... you were right. He's been in Aus to spend Valentine's Day with his partner (fiancee??) Miranda Kerr, but celebs across the board were swept up into the Australia Unites telethon, raising funds for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires.

Here's a bit more on the event: Orlando Bloom joins Miranda Kerr for Australia Unites telethon ... and it was a great success. About twenty million in AUD was raised.

Orlie's new movie is called Sympathy for Delicious -- about a paralysed DJ who investigates the realms of faith healing and "gets more than he bargained for." This one's got me interested -- and, in it, he looks like this:

You have to admit, this one has big possibilities! Something different, new and a change for an actor who's done more historicals than any other actor since Charlton Heston and Stewart Granger! Nice one.

Just a couple more pictures, then -- can I twist your arm here? What's that? "Stop being a berk, AG and post the pictures?!" Message received and understood. Urk. So: