~ Happy Bday Yuhno + DBSK News ~~

Starting this post with a warm and sincere wish for Yuhno oppa:
"Saengil chucka hamnida yuhno oppa!!!~ "
and im not gonna post anything about this because Lelis promised she'll mae a special post for this so..looking forward for her post ne?

SBS Inkigayo performance "necklace"

PHOTOS JAECHUN endorsing Mosaic

Wrong Number Music Video Shoot "ring"
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

Sunset in Heaven's postman set !

Credits:DBSKnights + HeavensPostman Baidu

kroongho @dbsg found Jaejoong's birth mother's blog and translated a few of her posts

February 4, 1986, the day my other self was born, I love you and happy birthday (T/N: literally 'congratulations')

^On his third birthday, naughty Jaejun celebrated happily, along with umma's friends.

The cake on the right was sent by fans, it says, "Thank you for giving birth to Jaejoong."


This is an excerpt from her latest entry. It's very long and it seems like there's a problem with fandom? Or sth like that I don't have much time to process it, but I did see something that caught my eye so I translated that part. :D

The last time my son came to our house and talked to me
He held my hand and said these words~

"Umma! Umma's really lucky... even your younger siblings are kind, everyone's so kind and it's great...
In the future, when I get married and have children, it's fine even if they are unattractive, it's fine even if they aren't intelligent, but I really hope they'd be kind! ..."

Mom and daughter (and someone else xD) visiting Canal City in Fukuoka, where THSK also shot something.

In Fukuoka..
With Junsu oppa
and Jaejun oppa.. ^^ ♥

My beloved kids.. ♥ my other selves..

070827 Japan A-Nation

My children whom I love so much

He's the boy I was taking about (not in any original post, but in comments before). I always thought that Jaejoong had another brother aside from having a sister, but I wasn't too sure because I only saw him in one picture. But he might only be a close relative. :) Really close one, because he was also in the Vietnam/Cambodia trip and this Japan trip.

Jaejoongie. And Yoojungie..

Brother and sister who look alike in appearance... even their disposition is similar. Jaejun ah, I love you. ♥ Inside umma's heart you're a son filled with regret, admiration, contentment, and gratitude!

In your words, it does look like umma has been very lucky.
My children are all good.. ^^

You said it right?
Even umma's younger siblings are so nice so I'm lucky...
Yeah, even you and your noona are as expected all nice, and umma is thankful.. ^^
Let's do our service in society well and make it worthwhile while trying our best to live life with passion~
I love you.
My son and daughter.

Good luck, Kardia

The son who is wishing his mom's cosmetic project development the best of luck.
I love you.. thank you.

It seems like Jaejoong's mom is doing a project as well with cosmetics. I don't know what her role is, but the name of the line is Kardia Cosmetics. And it's for women, I think (in contrast to the one Jae, Chun, and Su ventured in, which is for men xD).

Credits: alwaysjj + jj0204@daum + kroongho @dbsg for translation + xietinloveshero for sharing + DBSKnights

A cyworld entry written by Sooyoung unni. She is... 8th noona. :)

May 8, 2007

Today I found out...
Someone touched my purse...
It's awful...
60 manwon ($600)... that's really a big sum...
Someone took it.....ㅠ.ㅠ
That person... really... for a month... he'd be happy...
I was so sad I cried...
And the first person that came to my mind was JaeJoongie
Of course... family can never let you down...
When JaeJoongie first arrived home...
Because I was robbed... he bought me some meat...
I wanted to make pork bokkeum... kkk
I made it for JaeJoongie... kk
But in the end... since it was my first time making it...
In the end... JaeJoongie... he made it for me.........
It was really......... delicious.....
JaeJoongah... thank you... kk
This nuna will really... work hard...
That's why... kk you'll surely overcome Japanese (language)... kk
JaeJoongah... I love you......

Credits: Kim Sooyoung@cyworld + kroongho @dbsg for translations + xietinloveshero + DBSKnigh

[TRANS] More News About DBSK~

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[VIDEOS] Channel-A Bowling~ + Table Tennis

[HQ] 090205 DBSK - Ch@nneL-@ Talk + Bowling + TableTennis Challenge! [1/3]

[HQ] 090205 DBSK - Ch@nneL-@ Talk + Bowling + TableTennis Challenge! [2/3]

[HQ] 090205 DBSK - Ch@nneL-@ Talk + Bowling + TableTennis Challenge! [3/3]

AJOO- 재벌 2세 (Wealthy 2 generation) MV

something i liked xD