James Spader: Happy birthday, 2009!

And it's Happy Birthday to James Spader, who turns 49 today! Who'da thunk it ... my brain must be stuck in a timeloop, because every time I think "James Spader," I think Stargate! Can't seem to help it ... which isn't actually fair to the actor, who was done REAMS of work since 1994, when the iconic movie came out -- most notably the part of Alan Shore, which spans two shows, The Practice, and Boston Legal.

So -- many happy returns to the original Doctor Daniel Jackson ... James Spader started something that isn't finished even yet. The movie Stargate really was James's project. The character of Jack O'Neill wasn't even really likable till the end -- even though you thoroughly understood what had made him so prickly. Kurt Russell was great in the role ... but James Spader stole the movie out from under him, and it would be fair to say that Richard Dean Anderson's Colonel Jack (as clearly distinct from any of the many Captain Jacks!) is by far the audience favorite.

The jury is out, as per who's the favorite Daniel Jackson, James Spader or Michael Shanks. Depends who you talk to. James Spader was the Jackson who got to actually play scenes with Jaye Davidson's Ra ... woah. I loved this movie. I know a lot of critics ripped into it, in 1994, but I think I saw it about six times at the movies!

(Incidentally, Stargate is back in 2009! See this: Headin' back through the Stargate in 2009)

Since Boston Legal, the question has been kicked around a lot: is the character of Alan Shore gay? What's going on between James Spader and William Shatner in this show?!

Here's a cute quote from Queerty:
Boston Legal may just be the funniest show on TV. It is well written, smart, and has an all-star, hilarious ensemble cast. It is the relationship between two straight men that makes the show so gay. William Shatner and James Spader share the same bed, bicker, and even dressed as matching pink flamingos for Halloween. It is the perfect gay relationship, except they don't have sex.

Nice one ... I guess the jury is out on another issue here, too.

So now we get to the important stuff ... the eye candy! Here goes:

Think I'll be watching the movie tonight ... I got the director's cut, which is quite a lot longer, which makes it more of a treat!