David Tennant: what's next?

Since delicious David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming spate of movies, I was wondering what he's going to be doing next. Well ... I'd been hoping for something major, but on thinking it over, the boy probably needs a rest after how many seasons of the show, plus holiday specials, plus movies ...?

So a gueststar appearance in Taggart is probably a good way to go:

Doctor, there's been a murder
DOCTOR Who star David Tennant is being lined up for a role in the crime drama Taggart.

The West Lothian actor, who recently quit his role as the Time Lord, had auditioned for the show 16 times without landing a part in his pre-Doctor Who days.

"I've been encouraging our producer to offer him a part as a doctor," Taggart star Colin McCredie was reported as saying.

I must watch out for that!

And I should imagine everyone out there is aware of the fake twittering going on, where some lunatic woman presends to be David, goes out there and saying outrageous things ... and people believe her!!! If it's news to you, click here ... but he warned, it really is stoopid.