Twits, nuisances, lawbreakers: where does Twitter draw the line?!

Good gods, who'd be a celebrity? Look at what you're up against these days:

For four months, 19,637 people followed Ewan McGregor’s every move via the microblogging service. Or at least they thought they did. But come on people –Moulin Rouge 2?
While there are many fake celebrity accounts on Twitter, including those purporting to be
Tina Fey and Hank Paulson, most are obviously bogus.

Ewan McGregor’s tweets, by contrast, seemed realistic, although there were signs that made some suspicious, including a post expressing a desire to make a Moulin Rouge sequel – something no real actor would contemplate.

The authenticity of the fake Ewan McGregor started to bug the real actor, who yesterday
told The Guardian his people had requested that Twitter take down the posts.
Twitter said it would investigate but did not immediately relent.

Here's the story: Twitter takes down fake Ewan McGregor account

I mean, jeepers creepers, you can be Ewan McGregor -- THE Ewan, superstar and all-around great guy, and some BOOBY can do this to you, and Twitter in its infinite wisdom responds to your agent bvy saying they'll investigate.

Say what?!! Can we say, "Get that gibberish off your internet page before you get sued for your shirt?!"

Same sort of twaddle happened to David Tennant, too (oddly enough, I was just talking about this yesterday).

It's actually come to the point where any Tom, Dick or Mary could open a Twitter account, go out there and pretend to be -- oh, HM Queen, President Obama, the Pope, and Twitter would somewhat reluctantly INVESTIGATE when they're TOLD to remove the bogus twaddle!!

Is it just me, or is this getting past a joke? Like I said, who'd be a celebrity? Sheesh.