~ Marriages ahead ~

ShinAe from famous couple AlSin(we got married) got married for real!

Alex congratulates ShinAe on marriage, Wednesday March 25, 2009 Korea

Singer Alex wrote on a post on his own Cyworld minihompy on 24th March with the title ‘Congratulation ^^’.

He was referring to his made-believe wife ShinAe in MBC variety show We Got Married on her marriage.alshin_250309_2

He attached a picture of a heart on a plate in the post and wrote, “From now, it is to you guys to do some great cooking. To walk together. To get tired together. To sleep and wake up with that person together. This is so beautiful. Congratulations.”

looks like it's not "Yeeh!" her real answer:( i really hoped AT LEAST one of the first 4 couples from WGM to be togheter for real in the end:( looks like..as usual i'm getting dissapointed in the end.

sweet memories...i'm sure there were some real feelings even just for a short time when they filmed the reality show...or at least i hope
I really hate fake people

SinAe happy or faking it for the photoshoot?
oh well..anyways u know what they say..."the purpose excuses the ways".I heard that she married in a short nottice because her father was really sick,and i guess she wanted him to see her accomplished...

Marvelous Musical Couple says “I do” - Melody Marries Miyavi!

see?he really is happy by her side:)

well looks like we know now to whom were adressed those lovely words from miyavi's myspace profile:

"Let's escape from this fuckin' boring world
Hold on to me and
Don't let go,k?
Our bright future is right here"

I'm really happy he found his way,his happiness.Congrats for the wedding and for the upcomming baby! May ur life and marriage be blessed and please ignore the bad rumors.People seriously need to stop bashing him and his wife.I read so so many ugly and mean comments,even some threatenings to his wife...what's wrong with u people??If u really love him,be happy for him!

Recent reports say J-rocker Miyavi and retired J-pop singer Melody have gotten married. A Tokyograph article sports the nuptial ceremony as a private gathering attended by their closest inner clique. So far Miyavi has used his myspace blog to air his apologies about not being able to announce the news himself. Melody, who was born in the US, is one of the most celebrated singers in Japan. Last fall she announced she would leave her musical career to concentrate on creating her own clothing line. Few fans of these artists have expressed disappointment in not knowing about any previous engagement. However, there are scandalous rumors circulating that Melody is currently pregnant.

this is not a pic from his wedding!

Miyavi has said he will make an announcement about these issues at his upcoming concert in Tokyo on April 5th. He will also be playing the USA for Anime Matsuri during the second weekend of April in Houston, Texas.


the official blog post from miyavi's myspace profile:

Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:49 AM

Current mood: impatient

Thank you for your sweet sweet messages.

First of all,
let me apologize that I couldn't announce it myself before the news came out.

But I still can't say anything for certain reasons.
What i wanna yell out for now is...

Who the fuck would wanna hide some thing important for him from his fans who love him ?
Who the fuck wouldn't wanna share some thing happy with his fans who are supporting him?
Who the fuck would wanna on purposely betray the fans he loves?
Who the fuck would wanna make his fans sad like this?

You know I wouldn't.

What the fuck can I believe ?
Who the fuck can I trust ?

Where the fuck is love?

But I know that what happened is all my responsibility.
And I'm fuckin' stressed that I can't explain anything in japanese right now.

But I will make an announcement for sure.

Whether you believe me or not,
I'll keep saying I LOVE YOU no matter what.



now i'm starting to see more and more clear his blog entries from myspace

P.S:Yes i have him on my friend's list

take this one for example...i think he was trying to prepare his fans for the BIG NEWS:

" Saturday, February 14, 2009 9:55 PM

Current mood: calm

i was rethinking abt my life at the beach in OKINAWA.
it's been a long long time since i went there when i was hurt.

but this time, it's completely different.

my wings are not broken.
my heart is still beatin'.

my life is related to my music.
my music is also related with my fans.

so, i've been thinking abt how to deal with my fans.

Whatever happens,
i'll keep singin n playing my guitar.

much love "

" Saturday, January 24, 2009 3:36 AM

Current mood: exotic
Somewhere, some ppl r celebrating for their bright & hopeful future.
Somewhere, some terrorists and some government r still conflicting.
And somewhere, some artist is thinking abt his lovely fans while he's being quiet. "

Sunday, November 09, 2008 4:22 PM

Current mood: warm

somebody, feed her a milk plz !!

or...[and he posted a gif. with a baby saying :"Daddy,milk!"

the pictures are taken from his myspace also this capture:

"anyway this iz my hair stylist's second daughter !!
isnt she freakin adorable?????????????
she totally knocked me out ..."

as you can see he always loved kids ^^


Name: Melody Saimo
D.O.B: February 24 1982
Birthplace: Hawaii,U.S
Age: 28
Bloodtype: O
Quick Facts

hehe they both love the sea^^

  • She began her career in Japanese music in 2003
  • Her songs have been featured in many Japanese commercials ranging from videogames to automobiles
  • Her first single, Sincerely become a major hit, reaching third spot on the Oricon charts
  • One of her most successful singles "realize" was featured in the J-dorama Dragonzakura
  • She had her first solo music tour in 2006
Interesting Facts
  • She was raised by Japanese parent in Hawaii so she can speak English and Japanese fluently
  • She's the VJ for a new Japanese music show called J-MELO
  • J-MELO is recorded completely English and is about introducing J-music to the world
sexy much? oh he's gonna be a smeexi daddy that's for sure ^^


well what can i say?congrats for the couples

TVXQ in Guinness World Record
second time!

Idol group TVXQ put its name on the Guinness World Record Book for the second time. The super hot quintet was listed in the world record book as the most photographed celebrity in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, the five members are estimated to have been photographed about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. The total figure includes individual photos as well as group pictures.

This is the second time that TVXQ made it in the Guinness World Record Book, following the one in 2008 for having the largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the male band’s official fan club claimed of having more than 800 thousand members.

ss501 is coming to hollywood..

dasndjbawf i want back to hollywood NAO!!!!!
Lelis pack ur bags!!! oh wait i forgot..our visa expired:(((
wahhhhh TT_TT

New! Must Read!
SS501 is going to be at HOLLYWOOD BOWL CONCERT taking place on May 9, 2009. IT WILL HAVE ALL 5 MEMBERS PERFORMING!! ^^
lets go support the boys so they keep coming back to the U.S

Host: We Love SS501!!!
Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Network: Global
Start Time: Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 6:25pm
End Time: Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 9:25pm
Location: 2301 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90078
City/Town: Hollywood, CA

u can buy ticket on this website : http://ticket.koreatimes.com/ticket/ticket.html?event_id=EV0
View all of it at >> ticket.koreatimes.com

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